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Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City! Carpets vs. Pets
None of our beloved pets are perfect... sometimes they tinkle where they shouldn't and nibble where they ought not. So…Read More

Stop Paying For Mosquito Control If…

By: PTC People
In Peachtree City, Mosquito Control companies are charging you anywhere between $30 – $75 a month to come spray your yard for mosquitos. Guess what…? You are most likely wasting your money every month and here is why!

Area Rugs in Peachtree City. Enough to Cover the Braves Stadium!

By: Robert Kinghorn
Dalton West Flooring alone has over 24,000 square feet of area rugs; That’s enough to cover Turner Field! How would you like to see Turner Field completely covered in rugs? Maybe only when the Yankees are playing so they can’t…
Pet Proof Carpets in Peachtree City

Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City! Carpets vs. Pets

By: PTC People
None of our beloved pets are perfect… sometimes they tinkle where they shouldn’t and nibble where they ought not. So we’ve spent hours gathering the best information to help you prevent any permanent damage caused by your pampered pooches ‘oopsy…

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Peachtree City: The Best Place to Lose Your Keys

lost keys peachtree city
Usually when keys are lost, they're gone for good. But not in Peachtree City! In Peachtree City you're more likely to find lost keys, phones, and wallets! Check out a story of a lost and found item in PTC.

Try Dragon Boat Racing for Free

Come out and try dragon boat racing for free at Lake Mcintosh! If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself to get out and go for it.

Electrical Fire Near Peachtree City Hall

Electrical Fire Near Peachtree City Hall
There was a fire today in Peachtree City near the city hall. See pictures and learn what happened.

Peachtree City Author – Best Seller on Amazon

Local Peachtree City author Larissa Reinhart writes about the South, has lived in Japan, and even taught at Sandy Creek High School. She has been an Amazon best seller, on Barnes & Noble best selling list, and Kindle's top 10!

Fayette County Woman Charged for Tax Scam Worth Millions

fayetteville woman tax scam
A local Fayette County woman is being charged for involvement in a tax scam that affected people nationwide. Read about how she did it and her charges here!

Woman Gets Shot in Fayetteville GA!

Shootings are not uncommon across the United States but it does come as a surprise to many here in Fayette County. Last night (Monday July 28, 2014) a victim was shot at the Walmart in Fayetteville, GA at the Fayette…

Assault and Robbery in Peachtree City: Help Find the Robber!

Peachtree City Robbery
Check up on what happened with this local resident early Sunday morning. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact the Peachtree City Police Department.

Philanthropy’s Finest: PTC has Nationally Ranked Charity In Top 1%

The Midwest Food Bank is ranked in the top 1% of charities nationwide. See how you can help in Peachtree City!

Car Found in Lake Kedron

Car in Lake Kedron Peachtree City
So what happens when you drive your car into Lake Kedron? The police come out, the city shows up, and everyone gets a good laugh at your expense.

A College in PTC? Swim in Lake McIntosh? $100K+ For the Future

This Tuesday, July 15th, the Fayette Visioning Initiative (FVI) will hold a public meeting to present action items and goals at 5:30pm at Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree.
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