Peachtree City Author – Best Seller on Amazon

Top Best Seller on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook Releases New Book with Local Art Contest and Book Signing!

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Author: Robert Kinghorn
Date Published: August 7, 2014

From Georgia to Japan: Top Author

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Local Peachtree City author Larissa Reinhart writes about the South, has lived in Japan, and even taught at Sandy Creek High School. She has been an Amazon best seller, on Barnes & Noble best selling list, and Kindle’s top 10!

She’ll sign copies of her newest novel, Death in Perspective, at the Peachtree City Library on Saturday, August 9, 2014, starting at 2:00 PM. Death in Perspective is Larissa’s fourth book in her best-selling Cherry Tucker mysteries series. Her heroine, Cherry Tucker, is a sassy and strong young Southern lady who tends to involve herself in hair-raising mysteries as she pursues her artistic career.

Read More Below For An Exclusive Interview

Peachtree City Picassos: Local Art Contest Showcase

Picasso was a great artist but might have been insane. Maybe because he didn’t have TCBY back in the day. Lucky for us, the Peachtree City Library will host both a trophy room of themed local art and delicious yogurt as a cozy companion to Reinhart’s release.

The Friends of the Peachtree City Library will announce the winners for their art contest: “Ride the Wind” at 3pm. The contest will be alongside Larissa Reinhart’s book signing with the winning artwork on display at the Peachtree City Library through August 23, 2014.

Here are some of the entries.

‘Ride the Wind’ Entries

‘Life Under the Sea’ by Priyam Kadakia, 6th grade.

‘Soaring Above My Obstacles’ by Nora Johnson

‘Cloud Sailing’ by Jesse Gainsbrugh

TCBY, Books, Art & Refreshments

In addition to the art contest and book signing, there will be cookies, iced coffee, and TCBY available. The event is sponsored by The Friends of The Peachtree City Library, Inc., a volunteer organization and a non-profit whose mission is to promote community support for the Peachtree City Library and its programs. For more info check out and

How To Became A #1 Author: An Exclusive Interview with Larissa Reinhart

“Then I started to think: ‘Well, what if a local guy was murdered, what would that do to a small town?’ ”

PTC People: How did you get the idea for Cherry Tucker?

Larissa: When we were living in Japan 5 yrs ago, I was actually working on another story, and her character just kind of popped into my head. You’ll probably hear that from a lot of writers that ideas just ‘popped into their heads’. What happened was that my father passed away, and we moved back for the funeral. I’m from a very small town (about 600 people) in Illinois. The outpouring of people coming to his funeral and memorial was incredible. People stood in line for 2-3 hours just to see him. It made me think differently about the town I grew up in. (I was excited to move away and live somewhere exotic when I was younger, but I’m still proud of my small-town roots.)

I started to think: ‘Well, what if a local guy was murdered, what would that do to small town? What if he was a local thug, how would that affect the town? And then I started to think what if there’s a local person hired to do his coffin portrait? I don’t know why I thought of that…’ So I went back to Japan and the characters for Cherry’s family started coming. Like her ex-husband being a 5-minute Las Vegas Britney Spears kind of thing. All these ideas flew around in my head for a while until they merged and then I was ready to start writing!

PTC People: What has been your greatest success as an author?

Larissa: I would say, commercially, my last book; Death in Perspective. All the reviews have been 5-stars and that was very pleasing to know I’m growing and my writing is getting better.

As awards go my 3rd book was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year.

My 1st book was a finalist for the The Daphe du Maurier Award. (Maurier’s story ‘The Birds’ was directed by Alfred Hitchcock)
It’s hard to remember because I’m always so focused on the next book I’m writing! (Laughs)

PTC People: How many books have you sold?

Larissa: Total? I have no idea. (We both laugh)

PTC People: What is something most people don’t know about you?

Larissa: I was a teacher at Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone until we adopted our oldest child.
I taught World History, Gifted World History, Psychology, and Sociology.

PTC People: What is your favorite thing about Peachtree City?

Larissa: I’ve never gotten this question before! It’s so family focused. I love driving around Peachtree City because it’s so beautifully laid out. The schools are good. We love to fish a lot here as well.

PTC People: What advice do you have for aspiring local authors?

Larissa: Number one, get in writing groups for support. It’s hard for people that aren’t writing to relate to what you are doing and the time it takes. Writing groups provide great support and a great way to network. Join a local and national group and get a critique partner. (Examples of groups include Fayette Writers Group, Sisters in Crime: Atlanta Chapter and Romance Writers of America)

Second, do writing contests. It’s a great way to get used to rejection! You will get a lot of it! People can then give you an unbiased opinion.
Last, read a lot and write a lot every day.

Whet Your Appetite: An Excerpt From Death in Perspective

Before I had the nerve to leave Miss Pringle’s small antechamber and knock on Principal Cleveland’s door, another woman entered Miss Pringle’s room and proceeded to stare at me for a long five seconds before finding her voice. Her blunt blonde bob, expensive blue suit, and no-nonsense designer pumps gave her a look of authority, but a snazzy, silk scarf knotted around her neck said, “I’m also fashionable.”

“Who are you?”she asked. “Why are you in Miss Pringle’s office?”

“I’m Cherry Tucker. I’m waiting for Principal Cleveland to discuss my clearance for working with the drama department on the backdrop and props for Romeo and Juliet.”

“I had figured school personnel would appreciate Sesame Street characters as educational innovators.”

My fingers flew to smooth my cornsilk blonde strands and straighten my belted Bert and Ernie t-shirt dress. I had figured school personnel would appreciate Sesame Street characters as educational innovators. And as most teachers I knew wore khakis and polo shirts and I owned neither a khaki nor a polo, retrofitted Sesame Street attire from the Big Boys department would have to do for an interview.

“I am the assistant principal, Brenda Cooke. Why would the drama department need help with the stage art? We have a fully equipped art department.”

I waited a moment to see if the question was rhetorical. Then I remembered this was a school and teachers expected answers. “I got a call from a Mr. Tinsley needing an artist to help with ‘original art pieces’for his ‘avant-garde’musical production of Romeo and Juliet. Why he doesn’t ask the art teacher, I haven’t the faintest. But here I am.”

Special Thanks:
Larissa Reinhart
Nancy Hart Member, Friends of The Peachtree City Library

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