Woman Gets Shot in Fayetteville GA!

Monday Night a Victim Was Shot at the Walmart or in a Drive-by in Fayetteville, GA! Fayetteville police are still investigating.

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Author: PTC People
Date Published: July 29, 2014

Local Fayetteville Shooting!

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*Updated Information

More information has just been released from the Fayetteville County Sheriff.

Here’s the press release from Babb:

“On July 28, 2014 at approximately 11:02 p.m. Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Clayton County in reference to a person shot.

“The victim told Clayton County Police that she was shot while driving through north Fayette County. She said the shooting occurred on Ga. Highway 85 near Roberts Road just north of Fayetteville.

“The victim driver was in the car with her 15-year-old granddaughter when a car described as an older model dark colored car pulled up beside them on the driver’s side and shot at least one round, striking the victim. The shooting occurred as the vehicles were in motion.

“After the victim was struck, she continued to drive until she called 911 at a nearby gas station in Clayton County. Fayette County Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators responded to the scene and are continuing to investigate the circumstances around the incident. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Fayette County Sheriff’s detectives at 770-716-4750,”

The Story We First Were Told on July 29, 2014

Shootings are not uncommon across the United States but it does come as a surprise to many here in Fayette County. Last night (Monday July 28, 2014) a victim was shot at the Walmart in Fayetteville, GA at the Fayette Pavilion shopping center on Pavilion Parkway.

After being shot the victim made their way to a Shell gas station in Riverdale where police dispatchers sent out the Clayton County police to respond. Upon arriving the victims identity and condition were unknown. They soon learned that the victim was not fatally wounded but had been shot in the hand. The investigation of the shooting has been turned over to Fayette County to investigate.

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