Freezing Temperatures in Peachtree City

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: February 11, 2014

Weekly Forecast for Peachtree City

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Here is an overview of the forecast expected for the week. With freezing rain and frigid temperatures in the picture, we invite you to be prepared in advance for anything that might come your way.

Today will be the one of the warmest days of the week with a high of 51°F and the low is 36°F. There is a 20% chance of precipitation, so we’ll just have to see if we receive any rain.

The high for tuesday is expected to be 39°F and the low will be 28°F . On Tuesday there is a 100% chance of precipitation so we advise you to be careful! With freezing temperatures, there chances for freezing rain and sleet are very high.

On Wednesday, ice pellets are expected with a high temp of 34°F and a low of 25°F. The 80% chance of precipitation almost promises that frozen rain will fall.

On Thursday, there is a 0% chance for precipitation. There will be partly sunny skies with a high temperature of 45°F and a low of 25°F.

Finally, the weekend will begin with some fog on friday with a high of 50°F and a low of 28°F. Again, on Friday there is a 0% chance for precipitation.

Temperatures will be higher on the weekend with a high of 54°F and a low of 34°F. Both Saturday and Sunday will have partly sunny skies.

The high on sunday will be 63°F and the low will be 39°F . Sunday will be the warmest day of the week with 0% precipitation as well.

Weather Advisement!

We advise that you listen to your local news stations for updates on the weather patterns this week. Additionally, we know that it may be difficult, but with such frozen weather, we want you to try to stay off the roads as much as possible.

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