Mysterious Bullets Found in Roof

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: February 7, 2014

Leaky Roof Caused by Mysterious Gunshots

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There’s been a mystery unravelled in Peachtree City! E.M. Blue Inc, a roofing company in Peachtree City, was doing a job a few weeks ago when an ordinary leaky roof call turned into something more! Let’s see if you can help us unravel this little mystery.

Duane, the owner of E.M. Blue Inc. was called by a homeowner with a complaint about a leaky roof. Usually, the cause of such leaks are misplaced shingles, broken flashing, or rotted decking. Duane was shocked when he found the cause of this particular leak. He found two 9mm bullets lodged in the roof! Duane was dumbfounded. Below is a picture of one of the bullets he found. There is also a picture of another bullet hole that he removed the bullet from.

mystery bulletsmystery bullets

Duane knows that it is not extremely uncommon for bullets to be found in a roof. His amazement stems from the fact that both bullets were found only 12 inches away from each other! The odds that shots fired from the same gun would land in such close proximity to each other are quite small.

How did these bullets get here?

There are only a few occurrences that would explain these bullets being lodged in the roof. Some people shoot off their guns in celebration of a holiday. This is not a very smart idea, yet some people find it fun to shoot dangerously into the night sky with no care for where the bullets land.

An accidental shooting could have caused these bullets to be lodged in the roof. Someone could have accidentally shot their 9mm gun into the air. I hope that this is not the case, but I hope that if it is, the person learned their lesson!

Here are some questions for you to answer about these mysterious bullets.

Stay tuned on because we will be announcing the conclusion Duane made about the story of the bullets in the roof, but first, we want your input!

How do you think these bullets got here?
-New Years Eve celebrations
-Accidental gun shots
-Fourth of July celebrations
-Incredibly inaccurate gunman at a shooting range

Where do you think the home with lodged bullets was located?
-Peachtree City

What kind of gun do you think was used to shoot these bullets?
-Smith and Wesson

Leave us a comment with your opinions on these questions. Also, if you have any other ideas of how the bullets got there, comment below!

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