White Girl Attacked and Defended in Harlem Barber Shop: Video

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Author: Laurel Clarke
Date Published: February 27, 2014

There Are More People Full of Love Than We Are Led To Believe

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Traditional news is often riddled with bad people, tragedies, and heartache. With so much bad news we can easily begin to not believe in people. Yesterday, we shared a local story of how untrue this is. There are more good among us than bad.

The story was titled, Miracle at the Checkout Line in Peachtree City. Many were touched by the story and we hope it will cause a positive ripple throughout our Peachtree City community.

Today's story is to support yesterdays. It is to give light to the fact that although Peachtree City is full of wonderful people it doesn't hold a monopoly on them. In fact, this story comes straight from Harlem, NY and it shows that there are outstanding people everywhere. We hope this story and yesterday's inspires everyone to do and be better! Oh and we would also love to have you as a subscriber to our local Peachtree City website, subscribe here!

Would You Defend The Women Who is Being Attacked?

The television show "What Would You Do?" creates situations in everyday locations with ordinary people. These people are tested to see what they do when moral situations are being pressed. Some prove their extraordinary ability to stand up for what is right while others are fine with sinking back and watching everything go down. As you watch this video, ask yourself what you would do in this type of situation!

Share Your Experiences With Us!

Have you ever experienced a real life situation that challenged your or someone else's morals? If so, we would love to hear about it! Did you stick up for someone? Was someone courageous enough to stick up for you?

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