Things To Do in Peachtree City in Peachtree City, GA

Things to do in Peachtree City, Georgia. Here is a list of fun ideas that you can do in Peachtree City.

Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City! Carpets vs. Pets
None of our beloved pets are perfect... sometimes they tinkle where they shouldn't and nibble where they ought not. So…Read More

Things To Do On A Rainy Day

2020's been giving us A LOT of rain so far here in PTC. This has inevitably lead us to think of a couple different activities which can be enjoyed even…
Turtle Tours in Peachtree City

Turtle Tours: Things To Do

Here is something fun to do in Peachtree City. Turtle Tours! There are so many turtles throughout our beautiful city. Go out and see how many you can find.

Free U-Pick Berries

A couple weeks ago, the young women that I work with in our church youth group were searching for a service project to do in the community. They came across…

Go to a Movie

Do you have a movie you are dying to go see? A movie night, afternoon, or morning is an obvious thing to do in Peachtree City.


If you're looking for places to shop, Peachtree City is the place to be! Shopping is a fun thing to do and in PTC you can find exactly what you're…

Have a Barbecue

Looking for something to do in PTC? Have a barbecue! When the weather permits, you'll enjoy being outside with your family and friends with some delicious food.


Try out Geocaching in Peachtree City! It's a fun, adventurous activity that will get you outside and enjoying nature!


Looking for something to do in Peachtree City? Grab a bat, glove, and a ball and go out to play some softball!

Thrift Shopping

We have many great thrift stores here in Peachtree City, so take some time to check them out! You'll have a great time bargain shopping and finding great deals!


Paddleboarding is a great mix between relaxation and exercise. If you are looking for an activity on the water that you can get a workout while doing, paddleboarding is the…

Recent News in Peachtree City, GA

Local Gutter Cleaning Company Expands To Buford

One of our very own home grown businesses is growing again. Congratulations guys!

New Gym in Peachtree City

Peachtree City Gym
New Gym in Peachtree City is coming on November 2, 2019. FITNESS STADIUM

Peachtree City: The Best Place to Lose Your Keys

lost keys peachtree city
Usually when keys are lost, they're gone for good. But not in Peachtree City! In Peachtree City you're more likely to find lost keys, phones, and wallets! Check out a story of a lost and found item in PTC.

Try Dragon Boat Racing for Free

Come out and try dragon boat racing for free at Lake Mcintosh! If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself to get out and go for it.

Electrical Fire Near Peachtree City Hall

Electrical Fire Near Peachtree City Hall
There was a fire today in Peachtree City near the city hall. See pictures and learn what happened.

Peachtree City Author – Best Seller on Amazon

Local Peachtree City author Larissa Reinhart writes about the South, has lived in Japan, and even taught at Sandy Creek High School. She has been an Amazon best seller, on Barnes & Noble best selling list, and Kindle's top 10!

Fayette County Woman Charged for Tax Scam Worth Millions

fayetteville woman tax scam
A local Fayette County woman is being charged for involvement in a tax scam that affected people nationwide. Read about how she did it and her charges here!

Woman Gets Shot in Fayetteville GA!

Shootings are not uncommon across the United States but it does come as a surprise to many here in Fayette County. Last night (Monday July 28, 2014) a victim was shot at the Walmart in Fayetteville, GA at the Fayette…

Assault and Robbery in Peachtree City: Help Find the Robber!

Peachtree City Robbery
Check up on what happened with this local resident early Sunday morning. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact the Peachtree City Police Department.

Philanthropy’s Finest: PTC has Nationally Ranked Charity In Top 1%

The Midwest Food Bank is ranked in the top 1% of charities nationwide. See how you can help in Peachtree City!
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