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Hey! I’m Duane and I am the owner of E.M. Blue Inc. If you are looking to have your roof replaced, give me a call! We will come out to inspect your roof and give you a free estimate. Read below to read about a recent roof replacement in Peachtree City that we completed.

roof replacement peachtree CityOur client has needed a new roof for a while now. He finally got around to doing it last month. He called us because we had done some chimney work at the back of his house about a year ago. We stopped a flashing leak, and he was impressed with our work so he called me to take care of his roof replacement. This certainly was not a flat roof, so we had to take safety precautions for the working crew.

Re-Roof 30269

roof replacement peachtree CityThe home had 25 year 3 tab shingles. They decided to upgrade to 30 year architectural shingles. This was a good choice as the new dimensional shingles look great on their home. The beginning stages of replacing this roof included stripping the roof of all old shingles, felt paper, and nails. Once the roof was stripped, we replaced any rotted decking.

roof replacement peachtree CityOnce the decking was prepared, we lined the valleys with ice and water shield underlayment and installed drip edge in the gutters. After that, we installed the felt paper, gable drip edge, and also the shingles. The last thing we did on this roof replacement in Peachtree City was put on the ridge vent and ridge shingles.

Results of This Shingle Roof Replacement

The homeowners loved the look of the weathered wood colored 30 year architectural shingles. They were glad that after a year of contemplating getting a new roof, they finally had one installed.

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