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Is the Valley on Your Roof Leaking?

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Peachtree City Valley Roof Repair

E.M. Blue Inc. has recently done a roof valley repair in Peachtree City! This customer had 25 year 3-tab shingles. The valley of her roof was leaking and needed to be repaired. Check this PTC roof repair. You can read how this job was done and view before and after pictures. If you need any roofing services in Peachtree City, Call E.M. Blue today!

How E.M. Blue Repaired the Valley

roof valley repair ptcWhen E.M. Blue went out to inspect the job, they checked out the entire roof, determined that the shingles on the valley were causing problems, then bid to replace the valley. The valley of a roof is the only place on the roof that the shingles are bent or creased. When this happens, the shingles are weaker in that spot. That is the reason that the roofer must install a layer of ice and water shield underlayment in the valley before the shingles go down.

This clients roof did not have ice and water shield underlayment, in the valley, so E.M. Blue tore out all the old valley shingles and installed the underlayment. Once the valley had underlayment properly installed, then they tied in the new shingles neatly into the existing field shingles.

Valley Repair Results

This job was tricky because there were two layers of roof shingles on this home, however they were able to make it work and fix the leak. The job turned out very well. E.M. Blue had to schedule the repair with the tenant, but everybody was satisfied with the results.

Roof Valley Repair 30269

roof valley repair ptcHere is another roof valley repair job we have recently completed. Our client had a major leak in his Peachtree City roof valley going into his back porch. The moisture ruined the soffit, so we were able to fix the soffit and now had to repair the valley. Check out this process outline to see what we did to repair this roof.

We checked on the problem and were able to see that the valley had been leaking for a while and even repaired a few times with tar, but it was still leaking badly We bid to tear out all the old shingles and rotted out decking, then repair it with new decking and shingles.

roof valley repair ptcWe could not have been happier with how this job turned out. Once we started digging into it, it was obvious what the problem was: there was no tar paper, incorrect roofing material on a flat surface etc. The cricket was completely rotted away and needed to be rebuilt. The flashing was incorrectly installed and needed to be redone. Once it was complete, it was good to see water flow off of this area unobstructed.

roof valley repair ptc First, we tore out all the old tar coated shingles. We then cut out the rotted decking. Once the decking was out, we were able to get to the rotted inner ceiling boards and replace them. With all the old material out of the way, we were able to replace the rotted wood with new plywood decking, then rebuild the small flat cricket with new plywood. The flat roofing material went in next. For this, we used a modified bitumen built up roofing system which we installed so as to shed water off the roof with no shingles necessary being nailed into the flat. We then shingled down to the cricket tying into the roof to wall with step flashings.

roof valley repair ptc The client loved the fact that they would no longer have a waterfall in their porch every time it rained. We were happy with our work and the client was impressed.

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