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Duane with E.M. Blue Installs Skylights in Peachtree City!

Hello, my name is Duane and I am the owner and operator of E.M. Blue Roofing. If you need a skylight installed in Peachtree City, we are the company for you! Many homes in Peachtree City have skylights installed in their roof because they let in natural sunlight. Some people don't think skylights are wise to get because they can cause leaks, however if they are installed correctly they are much less likely to cause a problem. We guarantees that the skylight we install will be leak free and their roof repairs will be long lasting.

Skylight Installation Peachtree City

skylights peachtree cityWe have recently completed a skylight job in PTC. We have recently done a skylight job in Peachtree City. Our clients had a kitchen area in their home that was a little dark in one area and lacking natural light. They have thought about installing skylights for a while now, and this is the way they decided to go.

skylights peachtree cityWe first had to determine where the skylights would be placed. This part of the job was left up to the homeowners. I showed them where the studs were and then they decided where they would like the lights to be. We first found the center of the hole where the skylight would go and drilled up through with an extra long drill it so as to go up through the roof to the decking and shingles.

skylights peachtree cityThis hole allowed me to see the area on the roof where to cut the opening. We then cut through the shingles, plywood decking, insulation, and sheetrock. Once the hole was cut out, we installed the skylight!

This job turned out very well. The skylight did it’s job by lighting up the kitchen well with natural light. This home had a cathedral ceiling in the house so we only had to go through 14 inches of attic from sheetrock to outside roof.

Skylight Repairs in Peachtree City

When skylights do leak, E.M. Blue Inc. is the company Peachtree City residents call to have them repaired. We have much experience with skylights (both installing and repairs) so we're very trusted when it comes to performing repairs.

Just like on chimneys, common failures with skylights are flashing failures. The flashing around a skylight is crucial to keeping it from letting water and moisture into the home. When the flashing is broken or slips, water has easy access into the home. E.M. Blue will seal the skylight so there is no risk of leaks anymore.

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