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Peachtree City News

Car in Lake Kedron Peachtree City

Car Found in Lake Kedron

So what happens when you drive your car into Lake Kedron? The police come out, the…

A College in PTC? Swim in Lake McIntosh? $100K+ For the Future

This Tuesday, July 15th, the Fayette Visioning Initiative (FVI) will hold a public meeting to present…

Who is the Best Cow in Peachtree City?

It is Chic-Fil-A cow day! Dress up like a cow to get free Chic-Fil-A. This year…

Rainy or Sunny? This Weekend in Peachtree City

Wondering what the weather will be like? How will it effect your plans? No need to…

Events in Peachtree City


Gerrie Hubbard Book Signing in Peachtree City

Local author and illustrator Gerrie Hubbard will sign copies of her book, "A is for an…

‘Michael Bolton’ Concert in Peachtree City

Michael Bolton will be having a concert at the Fred in Peachtree City.

Outdoor Movie at Drake Field

There is an outdoor movie this saturday in Peachtree City. Bring your family and enjoy a…

Movie at the Avenues in Peachtree City

I love going to the Movies in the Park at the avenues. This Friday they will…

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Things To Do in Peachtree City


Free U-Pick Berries

A couple weeks ago, the young women that I work with in our church youth group…

Go to a Movie

Do you have a movie you are dying to go see? A movie night, afternoon, or…


If you're looking for places to shop, Peachtree City is the place to be! Shopping is…

Have a Barbecue

Looking for something to do in PTC? Have a barbecue! When the weather permits, you'll enjoy…

Latest From The Best Businesses in Peachtree City


Tree Removal Peachtree City

Looking to have some trees removed? Read up on tree removal in Peachtree City and consider…

Auto Repair Peachtree City

Looking for a great auto repair company in Peachtree City? Read this article to find out…
siding repair peachtree city

Vinyl Siding Peachtree City

Do you need siding repairs? Has the vinyl siding on your home been damaged and needs…
Gutters Peachtree City

Gutters Peachtree City

Do you need gutter services in Peachtree City? If yes, call E.M. Blue Inc. today! They…

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Peachtree City Parks


Blue Smoke Park

Blue Smoke Park is located in Peachtree City. This public park offers fun for the family.…

Peachtree City Dog Park

The Peachtree City dog park is a 100% user funded park in Peachtree City that is…

Village Green: Disc Golf Course

Peachtree City's Village Green Disc Golf course is located right next to the city library. The…

Pebblepocket Park

Peachtree City must have hundreds of parks to play at and they are wonderfully maintained for…

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Homes & Gardens Section

Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City

Pet Proof Carpet in Peachtree City! Carpets vs. Pets

None of our beloved pets are perfect... sometimes they tinkle where they shouldn't and nibble where…

Peachtree City Dog Speaks Out!

Hi, my name is Max. I am a local resident of Peachtree City. When I say…
Homemade Produce Wash

Peachtree City Kitchen Tip: Homemade Produce Wash

How to make your own produce wash that is 100% organic and healthy for you and…

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Hack

Did you know that a sideways turned toaster makes for a perfect appliance for making a…

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Community Information


Golf Cart Registration in Peachtree City

All the information and forms you need to register your golf cart in Peachtree City.

Peachtree City Business License

Learn necessary information about getting a business license in Peachtree City. Do you run your own…

Stone Mountain

If you live in Peachtree City, you need to go check out Stone Mountain! Bring the…

Peachtree City Hall

The Peachtree City Hall is an important place for anyone living in Peachtree City. It is…

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